An anthology of 4 sound-essays, each accompanied by a secretive live action. A performer sitting right across from the audience member behind a semitransparent curtain engages in the co-creation of the sound-essay while the audience is the only witness to the composition via headphones. Every 8 min the sound-essays conclude and the witnesses change chairs moving through as the disjointed descriptions, conversations, and monologues in a dreamlike logic.

Media: Sound-essay / Improvisation / One to one performance

Duration: 40 min.
Year: 2010
Version: English
Performed in: 
MeetFactory Gallery, Prague
Museo Ex Teresa Arte Actual, Mexico City.

Keywords: symbolic, free association, message, non-linear narrative, synchronicity.

Concept / Direction: Cristina Maldonado
Performers: Rocío Zúñiga, Jenni Kökkomaki, Howard Lotker, Veronika Švabova, Tomáš Procházka, Petr Skala.
Scenography: Katerina Housková
Texts: Sodja Lotker, Jenni Kökkomaki, Cristina Maldonado
Sound pieces: Sol Rezza, Olivia Pills.

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