“A suspicious package came to us from the Czech Republic, so I figured if I saw something, I should say something. Hrag opened the box and said, “It’s just this, a piece of paper and peanuts… well, packing peanuts.” Upon further inspection, the paper had a URL written on it in ballpoint pen. I deduced that I was in for a video, but did not know what else to expect. Cristina Maldonado, a Mexican choreographer living in Prague and working with Czech artists, created a performance piece through the post. Maldonado’s performance began by her making a parcel for us and filming the process.This continued through the box’s journey through vehicles and across the sea, until our opening it at Hyperallergic. The final stage was my watching Maldonado’s video of the package’s creation. Maldonado’s performance really taps into the temporal qualities of mail art, combined with the more immediate and accessible qualities of internet work.”  Kate Wadkins from Hyperallergic Gallery.

Media: post mail / video / performance

Year: 2011
Posted from: Prague to Brooklyn, NY.
Exhibited in: Mail Art Exhibition. Hyperallergic Gallery, HQ. Brooklyn
Documentation of work: Kate Wadkins

Keywords: bending time, thinking media, non-linear

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