Visual potions

VISUAL POTIONS is a research focused on the nature of presence in mediation as part of entering the Sistema Nacional de Creadores de Arte and supported by Sistema de Apoyos a la Creación y Proyectos Culturales (Fonca) 2020-2023.

Handmade visual abstractions, telematic confusion, video recipes to rescue magic in times of despair: series of laboratories, performances, and collaborations.


visual recipes

Laboratory with students of Jiři Adamek in the Faculty of Performing Arts (KALD/DAMU) Prague. (Jan. & Mar. 2021)


For this video recipe you will need:



visual potion 01:  c . o . n . t . i . n . u . u . m . . . 

Telematic performative conversation developed for Danza UNAM for the International Day of Dance 29 April 2021 powered by Telepotions (Cristina Maldonado + Isabela Juchniewicz)

If there is something that makes prolonged isolation clear, it is the need we have for the other to exist. In isolation, our body is absent. It requires the other to reflect and connect with itself. It is the presence of the other which awakens the body and conjures up our own presence.

The anthropologist Marilyn Strathern affirms that it is precisely the moment of interaction with others when we can establish our identity. It is the meeting and the exchange that precedes the singular entity. From this perspective, we can imagine a continuum between people: the presence of someone leaves residues in us, these residues shape us and will shape whoever interacts with us. They in turn will shape others and so on infinitely. A continuum of tacit presences in every conversation and in every encounter. Instead of imagining ourselves as separate individuals, we can visualize a stream of inheritances and residues that we leave in others and others leave in us. A continuous movement of presences where there are no absolute identities but identities in perpetual transformation and movement. And if this is so, we are necessarily perpetually connected.

Continuum —performative online dialogue— explores who we become thanks to the presence of the other. It proposes a symbolic space that accumulates the presence of the public and the performers to form temporary and ephemeral identities. Handmade avatars that embody a collective presence. In this piece, technological mediation is not a substitution of physical presence but rather a playful and enchanting resource to explore if the virtual presence of the other can bring us closer to ourselves, and how the other influences, completes and shapes us (to be continued…)


-hatred towards humanity for what it has done to our homeworld -a glass -webcam -thoughts about when it’s gonna end and if it is going to be normal again -absence of human contact -a wall -a lifesaver from Master class -hope -the feeling like you are on a long long holiday  -a dray flower -a white long candle -staring at the wall five times a day -a drainer -closed cafes where you usually work on your computer -ban on night walks -desire to create -big dark made by night -skills with using note-book you will need an empty green bottle and empty white room and darkness in this room then you will need a big window then you will need a bad mood and the frustration from the online school program  also a blue light adrenalin and you need to be sad about the world.

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