You mean something to me

I offered a stranger in a community center to create a present for someone she cared for. She chose one of her sisters, the one that takes care the most for the whole family and who was recently not so well. The present’s content portrayed things that this stranger cherished from her sister and was grateful for, it was wrapped in a karklud, a cleaning cloth she knitted herself. As a farewell I also got a karklud, one year later I used it to retrace this experience. In collaboration with one of my sisters, we transformed the karklud into a gift for our sister that takes care of the whole family the most. Since then, Dagny, the no longer stranger, has been providing karkluds that have become gifts to other sisters in faraway places, because, she says, sisters take each other for granted so it’s important they tell each other “You mean something to me”.

Every present starts with a karklud and a set of postcards that narrates this story. Every present finishes with sending a postcard to Dagny. Each present helps me to map specific ways in which sisters are meaningful to each other.

2018-         Copenhagen, Prague, Mexico, USA

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