piecing our lives together / stranger V

I sustained a two hours conversation with a stranger I met in the library. In this period of time, we cried twice over the death of his parents and my father and we also agreed to create a present for his daughter, he decided the name for this present was Pieces of our life together. It took me one year to deliver it, I traveled to their city, the day of his daughter’s birthday and brought the present with me. The present was a collection of memories of things they experienced in her childhood. Their father-daughter memories helped me to reconnect to my memories. By being with them, I could also be with my father. I celebrated this fact by having dinner with this stranger on the 24th of August, my father’s deathday. A series of synchronicities and multiple connections gave birth to a performative text: a box-book that includes: fathers, daughters, pieces of wood, witnessed death, cables, instructions, mnemotechnic cards, audiovisual technologies, communication with the unknown, and bad drawings.
2018-2020 Copenhagen, Prague

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