Theorem of Wanting


Mixed media performance.

Mixed media performance dependent on moderated audience participation that wonders about human kind’s wanting instinct it is dedicated to people that can´t get what they want, the ones that got it but are regretting it,  ones that are tired of wanting, the ones that haven´t realized they want something,  ones that think they know what they want,  ones that want more than one thing at a time, and to all the confused ones that can´t choose what they really really want.

Interacting with sensors, watching movie trailers and TV contests,  making choices, learning basics from electronics and getting gifts among other things is what audience can experience in this collage of situations which is influenced by visual and performance art, video and minimal dance where the basic principle is the interaction between performer, media and audience. Our analysis is based in wanting to know more about WANTING: either as practical survival basics, superficial consumerist desires, deep emotional and spiritual needs, and above all, the permanent state of wanting to want something. It covers a broad spectrum of views including science, electronics, theory of chaos, consumerism, entertainment, spirituality, magic and includes audience wantings as well.

Duration: 50min.

Concept, direction, electronics, performing: Cristina Maldonado Assistant director: Howard Lotker Dramaturgy: Sodja Lotker Music, sound, interactive media: Tomaš Dvořak Video art: Kateřina Fojtiková Interactive video and animation: INITI Performance art and video: Petr Skala Light design: Patrik Sedlák Translator: Jan Morávek Recycled artist: Vito Acconci Video Register: Jirka Jiraček Co -production: Experimental venue Roxy / NoD Residency support: National Foundation for Culture and Arts FONCA Mexico and STANICA. 


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