Melodrama Mexicano

Conversation on Melodrama Mexicano

Is it possible to feel deeply without falling into a melodramatic cliche? How far we can go for a portion of melodrama? Why is this exotic latin way of feeling so attractive to other cultures as well?

Performance that analyzes Mexican melodrama with a playful combination of video art, dance, kitchen conversations and intervened Mexican films. It points out gender clichés, movie stereotypes and fotonovela body language, and their roll in predetermining non conscious ways of feeling, behaving and reacting in relationships.

The performance creates a distance to see melodrama under other points of view, disattaching from its impulsive nature and bringing into question what does emotional management means and if such thing exist. Experiences of Europeans in Mexico, of Mexicans in Europe, all trying to figure out how to negotiate with such different ways of expressing emotions, we offer  sincere questions, personal stories, momentary absurd solutions, and a taste of typical Mexican food!

Medium: intermedia performance / dance / performative document 

Duration: 60 min
Year: 2014
Premiered in: ?
Performed in: Mediations Biennial of Contemporary Art, Poznań, Poland
República Femenina Festival Poznań, Poland
Theatre NOD, Prague
The University of Mexico City UACM
Women's Center for Social Readaptation, Tepepan, Mexico
Ibero American Festival Transteatral in Theatre Celetná, Prague

Keywords: emotions, affect management, melodrama

Concept / Performer / Video artist: Cristina Maldonado 
Performers: Barbara Pradzinska, Dora Bouzkova
Light Design: Patrik Sedlák
Photo: Jan Morávek, Israel Medina


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