The Window – Sayat Nova

THE WINDOW. Life intervention of  Parajanov’s film Sayat Nova.

Not everyone can drink my water, it is of another water. Not everyone can read my writing, it is of a different script. Do not think my substance issand: it is a crag of solid rock. As like a torrent that never dries, do not (try to) wear it down!
Sayat Nova
“Where video, experimental theatre, song, oral literature, industrial sound and acoustic installation meet, you can be sure it’s going to be pretty intense. Now added to that, imagine that the reason for their encounter is a weird, lyrical biographical film about an Armenian poet, which is prohibited by the Soviets, edited, then prohibited again. Visual experimentalist Cristina Maldonado, vocal performer Laureline Koenig and audio artist Marcus Beuter present the visual-acoustic collage The Window, which pushes theatre conceptualism to the very borders of its meaning. The main roles are not in fact played by actors, but by film.  The artists physically abuse the film, inserting their own bodies into it, their own voices, looking for its new meanings… It’s the kind of performances where long after the end you still want to sit back and experience it.”
Dominik Melichar, Divadelní Noviny

In this theater performance  three artists undertake the quest of unmaking a story: Maldonado works with the appropiation of the images of the iconic Armenian film that portrays Sayat Nova (ca. 1712-1795), Koenig works with Eastern story telling topics and voice improvisation, and Beuter uses field recordings he made in the East and sound improvistaion. The images taken from the film-poem The Color of Pomegranates (Sergei Parajanov, Armenfilm 1969) present a cryptic and startling world, and thus the performers engage with it as far as possible, intruding it and testing its resiliance, driven by the desire to blend in with the object of their contemplation.

Duration: 50 min.

Concept, visuals, performer: Cristina Maldonado. Voice improvisation, story telling: Laureline Koenig. Field recording, sound intervention: Marcus Beuter. Light Desgin: Vladimir Burian. Research assistant: Susanne Kass. Production: Jedefrau Org. Support: FONCA, Mexico; Divadlo na Cucky residency, Olomouc;  AKOS residency, Armenia. Photos: Jan Moravek, Vladimir Burian. Premiered: Festival Flora, Olomouc, CZ. April 2014.





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