The Color of Pomegranate

WSD The Color of Pomegranate by Sergei Parajanov

(Armenian censored movie from the 60´s)

Some years ago I found a pirate copy of Sergei Parajanov’s film Sayat Nova. Regardless the enormous gap of time, space and culture, I suffered an unexplainable attraction to it and was captivated by the power of its form. I was pulled into Armenia by this film, with an expectation of understanding more its context and learning why I felt such a familiarity with it. This expectation was never met. Nevertheless I sustain that Parajanov’s Sayat Nova is giving me some important answers that I can not formulate in words, neither thoughts or content, but that I can certainly understand with the body. Accordingly, I decided to confirm this phenomenon by using the language of gesture, composition and intention to establish a visual dialogue.

Duration: 60 Min.

Visuals: Cristina Maldonado/ Sound intervention: Marcus Beuter / Voice: Laureline Koenig. / Support of AKOS art residency program, Yerevan and Mexican Embassy in Russia.


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