A remarkable visual essay that takes us on a journey into parallel worlds and the multilayered nature of our consciousness.

Inspired by early video art, Stereopresence combines performance with an original video intervention. Using simple projections screens, compact video cameras, and data projectors, the piece explores the various layers of possible worlds: the indefinite boundaries between the physical and ethereal, the real and the imaginary, between what is and what isn’t. In so doing, Stereopresence tries to capture a present in which the real world blends with the virtual.

“Once at night, my grandmother woke me by walking up and down the hallway, talking to herself. She was pointing at the wall, describing pots and pans that were hanging there. But there weren’t any there. I decided not to pull her into my world, the real one, but to let her stay in hers, the world she had pulled out of her past. Somehow I felt so close to her, to what she had once been,” says Cristina Maldonado in describing her inspiration for the project. “Stereopresence is about existing between worlds: here, in this reality, and at the same time in another, private reality. It is life on the intersection of those realities,” she adds.


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