A sound environment performance that offers a journey to awaken auditory memory.

What does sound memory embody? What can be transferred, shared or preserved by sound?

Reminiscencia is a study of sound environments. Guided through a progressive myriad of interactive binaural dimensions, the User is transported between interchangeable perspectives and responses that ultimately culminate in a singular, very personal auditory memory.

„Put the headphones on. Inform the Operators that the volume level that is comfortable for you. Listen.”

Media: Performance for one audience member

Duration: 40 Min
Year: 2015
Version: English
Performed in: Theatre Alfred ve Dvoře, Prague
The Small Inventory Festival

Keywords: auditory memory, perspective, embodiment

Concept: Bethany Lacktorin, Cristina Maldonado
Performers: Bethany Lacktorin, Cristina Maldonado
Dramaturgy: Verónica Bujeiro
Production: Quimera G.C., Roberto Montiel,, Barbara Vahalová
Photo: Daniel Pizamiglio, Jan Přibylský
Support: Creadores Escénicos con Trayectoria 2013-14 FONCA.
Motus o.s., production of Alfred ve dvoře, residence programme 2013.
Ministry of Culture, Czech Republic
Embajada de México en la República Checa
Programa de Apoyo a las Artes Escénicas México – Unión Europea (FONCA – Unión Europea).

a B. Lacktorin (USA) [CZ]

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