Blavatsky Society


Blavatsky Society is an art collective of women that incorporate belief systems and pseudosciences into their performances thus refreshing a healthy distrust in rational knowledge. 

[[During this short residency at ausland, the collective will revise their last cooperation In the House of__________ which premiered on April 30th in the year 2016 at the Alfred ve Dvore Theater as part of the Vs. Interpretation Festival in Prague. Creating a video piece from the footage and a sound improvisation presentation with their archival material containing diverse literature, the Blavatsky Society addresses the topic of death and the possibilities of communication in the afterlife. ]]

Medium: sound improvisation performance 

Year: 2016
Performed in:  Alfred ve Dvoře Theatre, Prague
Vs. Interpretation Festival Prague 2016
ausland, Berlin

Keywords: supernatural, divination, pseudoscience

Collaborators: Šárka Zahálková, Jennifer Helia DeFelice, Cristina Maldonado, 
Lea Kukovičič, Lamija Čehajić, Theresa Schrezenmeir,
Isabela Juchniewicz.
Cooperation on sound, lighting and video & photo material: Sara Pinheiro, Jirka Jiraček,
Jan Moravek,Vladim
ir Burian.
Image: AMTKII.


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