el Otro

In the last year of his life, she became a stranger to her father. After months of not seeing him, they sat together and talked for a long time. Then her sister passed by and asked him “How are you doing Dad?”. “I’m having a nice time with this kind Mrs. that has visited us”. He said. That was the first time he didn’t recognize her. When she left, she needed to hug him tight. But how can a stranger love him so much? She 
politely shook his hand and said she had a wonderful time. That was the last day she saw him conscious.


A couple of years have passed, and she found herself dedicating a considerable amount of time to strangers. She realized she had no desire to go anywhere or do anything. The strangers she meets in circumstantial ways became her guide, she spends her time thinking of them, creating things with them or about encountering them. She is convinced it is possible to bond to someone you don’t know, she calls that a strangership.


Strangership: a relationship of distant closeness.


 the unforseeable

what strangers decide

strangers’ objects

instructions to create with strangers