1. Have a 2 hours conversation-confession with a stranger. Record it.
  2. Transcribe the fragments that are the most emotional for you.
  3. Ask his daughter to choose the parts that are more moving for her.


  1. Talk to the stranger passing by when you stop to see something that called your attention in the neighborhood.
  2. Follow her recommendations to collaborate with the local community center.
  3. Convince the community center worker to introduce you to members that might want to do something with you.
  4. Meet a grandmother and promise to make a present for her daughter with her beautiful photographs.
  5. Have a short time and poor skills to do this present.
  6. Have the first try out rejected by the grandmother, deliver a second try out that is unfinished.
  7. Abandon the project for a year.
  8. Regret all what happened. Ask pardon to those photographs-gifts that were never gifted. Embroid their silohuette, spending time with them.
  9. Realize the embroideries are universal molds of moments that many people have lived, and that can accomodate the identity of many.
  10. Look for photographs among friends that can fill in the molds, noting name, date and place. A way to find owners for the orphan images.
  11. Create a family album out of photos of people who do not know each other but that share the same memory. Somehow repair the damage that was made.