Honestly Old

HONESTLY OLD. Fake theatre performance. PS. This is NOT a work in process.

A Mexican ex-dancer and choreographer who always disliked dancing and forced herself to do it for no reason, but in this project she fakes she likes it once more / A Mexican ex-dancer who later became a director with a magnetic power to pull interesting artists to work with her, and leads them blindly into a confusing embarassing direction / A Finnish director and performer of physical theatre who has created a project to live as a warrior femme fatale in order to fight against boredom / A Mexican theatre director and choreographer who for the first time in his life questions his artistic principles right after reaching success/ A Serbian dramaturg who stopped writing for years and now is surviving through a personal crisis by writing this play for dancers / Experienced Czech and Czech/American theater makers framing the whole action and bringing clearness and sanity for the whole thing to exist. Together for the first and the last time realizing they are not the same people who they used to be, neither the people they say they are now.

Medium: dance performance

Duration: 50 min
Year: 2012
Premiered: MeetFactory Gallery, Prague
Performed in: MeetFactory Gallery, Prague
Museo de Arte Contemporáneo No. 8, Aguascalientes, Mexico

Keywords: sanity, surviving, pretending

Concept / Direction: Cristina Maldonado
Assistant director: Howard Lotker, Antonio Salinas
Dramaturgy / Voice / Text: Sodja Lotker
Performers, choreographers: Rocío Zúñiga, Jenni Kokkomäki, Cristina Maldonado
Light design: Jan Beneš, Patrik Sedlák
Sound design / Music: Tomáš Procházka
Music and voice: Tomáš Dvořák
Set design: Kateřina  Housková
Production: Lenká Bočková
Video register: Jirka Jiraček 
Created during the Exchange Committee 2010 MEX-CZ Project in MeetFactory Gallery
Support: Theatre Institute of Prague
Institute of Culture in Aguascalientes
The National Fund for Culture and Art of Mexico.

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