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The Stranger’s Message in Prague

Forty persons took part of the sms performance the Stranger’s Message, in the opening we installed an office where people could register their phone number and received instructions to make the exchange of messages with a stranger for our data base.  We collected all the messages that where sent.  Thanks to the Anglo American University […]


Muchas gracias a Quimera, Roberto Montiel por organizarse tan extenso tour y a quienes nos recibieron con la What She Does, aquí unas probaditas de la gira en México 2013….. El super trailer promocional con la voz del estimado Rober Montiel y la música del Procházka En la CEBADA!!!! con la intervención sonora de Extraños […]


MITOS CENTER FOR PERFORMING ARTS FOTOS BY ANGELINA DEMOSTHENOUS Gira realizada con el apoyo del programa Rutas Escénicas del Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes. WHAT SHE DOES Y THE STRANGER GETS A GIFT LISBOA, PORTUGAL 4-5.5 Stranger Gets a Gift. Atelier Real. 18.5 What She Does. Carpe Diem Arte e Pesquisa. 8,15.6 […]

the whole research in a blog!

The genesis of my current project The Stranger Gets a Gift is feeding from a lot of people, artists, guests, anthropologists and philosophers that inspire us and give us references to continue with our experiments. Mexican dramaturge Verónica Bujeiro is displaying, as fast as she can, a big portion of this information trying to keep […]

My current research is focused on connecting to audience, I use media as the interface that allows a comfortable, not threatening, jet intimate encounter. I go against narratives and instead I create environments that suggest associations and open a broad spectrum of interpretations, I intend to provoke each spectator to create meaning. I believe is […]