The Stranger’s Message in Prague

Forty persons took part of the sms performance the Stranger’s Message, in the opening we installed an office where people could register their phone number and received instructions to make the exchange of messages with a stranger for our data base.  We collected all the messages that where sent.  Thanks to the Anglo American University in Prague and to Tony Ozuna for inviting me to do this project in the Art Space Galery, thanks to Jessica Serran for being part of the project!

here a complete gallery

On the 15th of March twenty people in Prague were especially attentive to their day – forced to pause and pay attention to whatever they perceived in a given moment. They captured this in an SMS and conveyed it to one stranger in our system.

These people didn’t know who where they writing to. They knew not to expect an answer and thus wrote with the sole purpose of being heard and to share what they witnessed. They also had no idea that what they wrote would not only reach one addressee, but that it would become part of a living system, one, with many eyes, observing diverse possibilities of living throughout a day; nor did they know that their thoughts would become part of a collective thought, a flow of perceptions that speak to what we all share: place, weather, time, relationships.

Here is an example of this hologramatic witnessing that occurred over the course of one day in Prague.

formatted english

formatted english page 02

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