The Stranger Gets a Gift

Installations, actions and performances for one person at a time to establish a significant exchange in between strangers. I am interested in using gadgets and ordinary stuff to bond in extra-ordinary ways to objects, places, people and oneself.


Reminiscencia                                                                                        Interruptor

IMG_0568 DSC_0486







The Stranger’s Message                                                                         The Insider








Hologramatic encounter








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Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 15.36.14



The reasearch and production of this concept was possible thanks to, Theater Alfred ve Dvoře and QUIMERA G.C and the support of: DANZA EN EXPANSIÓN “Producción coreográfica realizada con el beneficio derivado del artículo cuadragésimo segundo del Presupuesto de Egresos de la Federación 2012” and is part of the project Displayce for the Grant Creadores Escénicos con Trayectoria of the FONDO NACIONAL PARA LA CULTURA Y LAS ARTES.

Screen Shot 2013-10-06 at 10.50.49 PM



Comment 1

  1. Anastasia December 26, 2018

    Good evening
    I am an Erasmus student studying in Prague i am attending a course named: ” seminar of contemporary art ” in which we visited several exhibition taking place in the city. Throught the course’s programm we also visited the “4+4 days in motion festival”. I found the exhibition you currated “Phenomenical Recipes ” very intresting and decided to write my final essay about it.
    Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find enought information on the internet. I was really intrested in the idea to ” acupuncture the impersonal space with memory” as the text in the program of the exhibition says and i would really like to know more about the ” The Stranger gets a gift ” Project and its relation with this exhibition. I picked two artworks in which i wanted to concetrate more the one is from Tinka Avramova and the other one is from Alyssa Dilliard. I found some similiraties in those two artworks as they both deal with memories and are both interactive , helping the audience to be invlolved in someone else’s memory or recount their own memories. Moreover i would like to know more about the genre ” Performative installation” as i wasn’t that familiar with it before. And finally i would like to learn a little bit more about how this genre helps the intention of the exhibition ” to materialize the intangible”. Thank you so much for your time. Merry christmas!

    Thanks in advance
    Anastasia Magkaniari

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