México 1974

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+52 998 258 34 77 (México)

Jeronymova 7. Praha 3. 130 00. CZ



2020 Diploma in Anthropology of Art. LATIR: Laboratory dedicated to research, project development, educational programs and publications, with a cross-disciplinary perspective.

2018-2020 Master in Fine Arts. Teesside University Program / at Prague College.

2017 -2018 Academic Program Contemporary and Current Art. Council for Culture and Arts (CONACULTA).

2001 – 2003 Human Sciences Studies. University Center for Human Integration.



2020-2023 Member of the National System of Creators. Experimental Audiovisual Media. FONCA. México.

2018 National Fund for Culture and Arts Grant. Scenic creators. Interdisciplinary.
2017 Participation as a speaker in the Latin American Colloquium for Research on Dance Practices and Research of the National Dance Coordination INBA.
2017 Selection of Stereopresence to be part of the educational program of the Diploma Course

2016 Honorable mention in the video dance exhibition of Agite and Sirva during the En-
INBA National Dance Center for the piece Atarashi hii
2013 National Fund for Culture and Arts Grant. Scenic routes. Tour in Europe
Clothing: Prague, Lisbon, Cyprus.
2013 Official Selection in Shake and Serve, Happiness videodance.
2012-2014 National Fund for Culture and Arts Grant. Scenic Creators with Careers. Contemporary dance
2012 National Dance Coordination, INBA. Choreographic production made with the benefit derived from the forty-second article of the 2012 Expenditure Budget of the Federation. Dance in Expansion Project.
2010 National Institute of Fine Arts – Award for Artistic Education and Research for the publication of the JuSeJu Manual, dance methodology applied to body communication between mothers and children.
2010 Translab. Multimedia Center of the National Center of Arts, Mexico – Theorem of Wanting selected work in PERFORMA 0.2 compendium of interactive or multimedia scenic works derived from an interdisciplinary convergence and that address the Performing Arts with the use of technology (APT) in Mexico.
2008-2009 National Fund for Culture and Arts Grant. Scenic Creators. Contemporary dance.
2003-2004 National Fund for Culture and Arts Grant. Young Creators. Choreography, Contemporary dance.
1999-2000 National Fund for Culture and Arts Grant. Contemporary dance performer.

2019 Selection of the Insider work for its production and premiere. Teren- Experimental Art Platform, Brno Czech Republic.
2019 Artistic residence. AND_Lab artistic research center, Lisbon Portugal. 2018 Artistic Resident Metropolis – Københavns Internationale Teater. Copenhagen Specific Site International Theater Festival.
2017 Selection of the Stereopresence work for the international tour grant. Czech Ministry of Culture. Prague.
2017 Artistic residence in video performance. Ausland art center, Berlin.
2016 Selection of the work Stereopresence for its production and premiere. Czech Ministry of Culture.
2016 Artist in residence at the Alfred ve Dvore Theater for the creation of a play. Prague. 2015 Scholarship for conferences, presentations and workshops of The Stranger Gets a Gift. August Foundation, Prague.
2015 Artistic residence. Pala Fruits. Machinery of Truth. Greenhouse, Berlin.
2014 Divadelní Noviny Theater Diary – Nomination for the best production of the year for the stage play Sayat Nova, directed by Cristina Maldonado.Praga.
2014 Artistic residence. YO-YO Kravín Rural Arts, Hranice u Mal? E, Vysocina.
2014 Artistic residence Production of work. Divadlo na Cucky, Olomouc ,.
2014 Artistic residence. AUGUST Foundation. Interdisciplinary Community. Tabor. 2013 Artistic residence Myths. Performing Art Center, Lemesos.
2013 Artistic residence Myths. Performing Art Center, Lemesos.
2013 Artistic residence. Akos. Cultural NGO, Yerevan.
2013 Artistic residence. Atelier Real Artistic Research Center, Lisbon.
2013 Artist in Residence. Alfred Theater sees Dvore. Prague.
2011 Prague Quadrennial of Design and Scenic Space – Study on Fact and Fragility collaboration Alain Kerriou. Work Selected by the Mexican Selection Committee to represent Mexico as part of the most outstanding works created in the last four years. Prague.
2010 Artistic residence. Meet Factory Gallery. Prague.
2009 Artistic residence. STANICA Art Center. Slovakia.
2004 Selection of the work Brutality of Fact for its production and presentation. Czech Ministry of Culture. Prague.
2004 Artistic residence. CESTA Art Center. Tabor.